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    Robert J Wright

    Help I can't login to my account, invalid credentials. Unable to receive the forgot password message to my email at Can you help me?

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    Tammy Hatfield

    Several questions, and problems. 

    1. Why am I paying a monthly and yearly subscription. I've had this for a year.

    2. I cannot even see anything on my iPad. I had before. I tried to download it again but it doesn't work.

    3. How do I cancel this. 

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    I'm trying to subscribe to Dove. I want the annual subscription. I think I erred trying to get access to the membership site by going through the 7 day free trial BBC cause all I'm seeing is the $4.99/month but not the annual rate. I thought you could do it monthly, every 3 months or annually. How do I get to the site to sign up in full at the annual rate?

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